Saturday, January 30, 2010

The view from here.

Have I mentioned that I don't like all. I like to go out and get pretty pictures but other than that..I'd prefer to live in a snow free state.

I didn't get to go out and get pretty pictures today..the wind was crazy and it was gray and ugly out. Our parking lot was being scraped by a guy with a 4 wheeler and yes I have pictures to prove that if anyone wants to see proof. Here are a few pictures from just my front stoop.


So far it's only snow, no ice. So the vehicles aren't covered because the wind is blowing it right off. Hate to sound mean but I'll be glad when it's gone. Its dangerous and people around where I live don't know how to drive in it...that includes me. Maybe tomorrow when the sun is shining and I might be able to get out and get some snap shots I will find it in my heart to think it's pretty..but for now, I'm going to sulk in my nice warm house and pray for green grass again.

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