Wednesday, January 6, 2010

10 things that make me happy!

I was recently received an award (thanks Goldylocks !), with receiving it I now have to name 10 things that make me happy. I'm then supposed to pass it on to 10 people.

But considering I doubt 10 people read my blog, I will just throw an open invitation to anyone who reads my blog. Consider yourself nominated and the winner of this award!

10 things that make me happy??

1. My children

2. The Lord

3. My family

4. A clean house

5. Photography

6. New cameras!

7. Scrapbooking

8. The thought of fixing up our soon to be house!

9. Air conditioning

10. Nap time

It's hard to only pick 10, but I like to think of things like this, makes me realize just how many good things are in my life!

1 comment:

  1. Gotta love Nap time:) New camera's are pretty sweet too!