Thursday, March 25, 2010

8 months.

Yesterday Kaylee turned 8 months. In four short months my last baby will be one year old.


Some highlights from this month:

*Cut your second tooth, March 1, 2010.
*Finally, sitting up really well.
*Can get up on all fours and rock back and forth.
*Even though you can't crawl you can still get where ever you want, by rolling or turning in circles.
*Says Mama and Dada.
*Still sleeping in bed with Mommy, although I no longer have to cuddle you, you prefer your own spot on the pillow.
*Still loves the pacifier.(dreading breaking this habit.)
*Still loves a soft fuzzy blanket, no longer a small one though, you want a big one.
*Really into playing now.
*Had your first viral infection.
*Blows raspberry's non stop.
*Screams just to hear your own voice.
*Pulls your own socks off.
*Still hate having your toes messed with.
*Still hate having your hair washed.
*Trying to pull up on things.
*Likes to play in the grass.
*Started going to story time.
*Loves to pull Mason's ears and hair and rip at his face!
*A biter.
I love you Buggy, you are truly a joy,

RAW(e) Beautiful.

Sami over at Sailor & Company has decided this weeks RAW(e) subject will be beautiful! Take a picture of something that you find beautiful. Here are the simple rules:

Link up! You have til 5pm Friday.
DO NOT CROP or EDIT-don't touch the photo(don't even turn it black and white).


To me beautiful is my kids on a warm sunny gorgeous day. To me beautiful is the miracle God has bestowed upon me.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

Pictures as promised!

I was trying to make a collage through Photobucket for all those zoo pictures I promised on this post but it still isn't letting me so I will just have to post them regularly! There are a lot so be prepared!












Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What a week.

I had a whole post typed up about how awful my week has been going, how the kids aren't sleeping, how my husband sucks at helping. Yada yada yada.

This morning I noticed Kaylee had a slight temp of 99.6 and was pulling at her ears. She has been pretty cranky for a few days and not sleeping well, which I chalked up (in the beginning) to the shots she got on Thursday, even though she has never had an adverse reaction before.

The fever and everything else combined reminded me of how she was when she got her first ear infection, so I put a call in to the pediatrician. She was seen today at 3. Poor baby has a viral infection which is affecting her throat. Doctor said it is very red and irritated, and the ears are connected so she needs to be watched for a couple of more days, if the fever persists she needs to be seen again to check her ears, because she might get infections from this.

So here I am all this time, feeling sorry for myself because she has been so irritable and not sleeping well and she has probably been sick this whole time. More than likely she picked up this viral thing on Thursday at her well visit.

Learned my lesson and deleted that pity party post too. I should always listen to my Mommy instincts when she just isn't her usual happy go lucky self.

By the way, it is one beautiful day today, a gorgeous 68, poor Mason wanted to play outside when we got home, but with Kaylee not feeling well I didn't want her to have to be out there when she wants to be in the house relaxing. Hoping tomorrow is a better day and we can spend some time outside!


Hello cutest pajamas ever.

3 Word Wednesday..and an abbreviation?

Happy St. Patrick's Day!








Sunday, March 14, 2010

Forgive me.

But this post is probably going to be all over the place! The kids are down for the count..for their nap that is, Mason fell asleep at 7:40 pm and Kaylee had been asleep for about 20 minutes before that, it's now 9:20 and they are both still out.

Talk about going to be a long night for me. This losing an hour of sleep has us all messed up. No point in making either of them up, it would be like a horror show, no thanks! I will just catch up on sleep tomorrow before hubby goes to work.

Kaylee finally calmed down today and has been happier to just hang out and chill, I was able to get most of the clothes packed up and put away, got several loads of laundry done and also cleaned the kitchen up a bit.

I seriously need a hobby that keeps my hands busy, I read quite a bit when I have the time but I can still drink and eat while reading and that's exactly what I do. By 2 this afternoon I had eaten 3 slices of pizza and 3 full size chocolate donuts. Then I had salsa and chips for a snack, and a full size dinner of roast beef, mashed potatoes, corn, broccoli and a roll. I drink tons of tea and soda through out the day, and no water. I've gained all of the weight back I lost from my gall bladder issues.

Why can't I be stronger, walk away from the soda and the donut box? I literally crave those donuts.

Okay on to a whole 'nother post!

We took the kids to the local zoo on Tuesday, it was Kaylee's first time. She is too young to understand but I think she enjoyed herself! And Mason just loved it, don't let the pictures fool you, he seems so serious and brooding sometimes but he is very intellectual and studies everything, and that's where the serious expression comes from!

I plan to take them to two major zoos this summer. Our local zoo is very small and doesn't have any major animals, the biggest things they have are a jaguar and a bear. I want Mason to see giraffes and elephants and lions! Tigers and bears wouldn't be bad either, lol! One is fairly simple to get to, without much driving for me (bonus), we get there via a ferry ride but the other is quite a hectic commute, but it's an excellent zoo, I can't wait!

Time to wrap this up.

Photos to come, Photobucket is being a jerk!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A fussy day.

For me and Kaylee. It's been a rainy nasty day and every time I looked out the window I could only sigh and wish for the warm sunny days we had through the week.

I did indeed take the kids out (against my better judgement) yesterday to go shopping. It wasn't awful I guess, kind of chilly and just altogether dreary. Kaylee got tons of new clothes, not just for now but also some bigger ones (18 months) for Summer, just in case those 12 month ones we already had end up not fitting.

Today, I've been cleaning out their closet and putting smaller clothes away and trying to hang up her new ones, but Kaylee has been pretty rambunctious. She doesn't want to lay in her crib and play with her toys, she doesn't want to be in her jumper or her bouncy chair. She only wants to sit on the floor and play with toys that aren't hers, (meaning her brothers (obviously) not age appropriate ones.) So I haven't gotten them all put away, she was soaked through this morning so I had to strip my bed and wash the sheets, I've yet to be able to get those back on. I need to wash bottles, I just used her last clean one.

She is currently on her belly on the floor in the cutest little pajama outfit ever made while I type this. Mason has decided in the last few weeks that we just aren't cool enough for him so he hangs out in (what's supposed to be their room) and watches tv, (gasp, yes I let him watch tv) or just plays, reads books, ignores us!

I spent entirely too much money yesterday, and tonight I want to order Pizza Hut but don't want to spend the money! Oh well, I just ordered. LoL!

Why can't Mason wake up happy? Is that normal 3 year old behavior? He fell asleep while playing with his markers, and just recently woke up, I'm in for a long night because it's going to take him forever to fall back to sleep tonight. He seemed okay when he woke up, and then boom, attitude. He is so picky about what he wants, some things I give in to, because they aren't ridiculous, but sometimes I just have to put my foot down. Okay, Kaylee is no longer happy with the floor.

I'll leave you with a picture..she has the cutest little tongue peeking out around her little pudgy finger!


Friday, March 12, 2010

Busy day!

Just wanted to note here that I laid Kaylee in her crib to sleep last night at around 10:30 pm. She slept there until 3:30 am!! This is a huge jump from the one hour she gave me the night before!

Yes, I am currently crib training her, she has slept with me since day one, but as she gets older it's kind of obvious she isn't very comfortable and we both get overheated, as we are both little toaster ovens at night!

We have a busy day planned even though it's supposed to rain all day. I'm heading out soon to go to the new WalGreens for 9 cent digital prints, I haven't printed pictures out since before Christmas, that's just sad. Then we are heading to the outlets to SHOP!

I love shopping, even with the kids, usually they are well behaved. Concerned today because it's raining and I switched Kaylee over to a convertible car seat because she was outgrowing her infant one, so she won't have much protection from the rain, especially because we got her a new stroller and the sun canopy is a joke. Oh well, hopefully it will be a good day. Kaylee needs new clothes, she has outgrown her 9 month stuff, so on to 12 month..I have a bunch of summer 12 month stuff that I'm afraid won't fit her now, hurry up warm weather so I can see her in some of this stuff!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Good appointment.

Kaylee had her 6 month check-up today, yes she is 7 months, we got a bit behind schedule because her doctor is very busy and I refuse for her to see any other.

They asked if she could:

*roll over one way or both- yes, she can roll both ways.
*sit up in the pod position- yes, she sits like a tripod but also straight up (not very stable)
*laughs, squeals, smiles- yes, pretty much non-stop
*reaches for toys- yes, she reaches for everything and anything in her line of sight! (especially Mommy's glasses and hair.)
*plays with toys, switching from hand to hand, putting in mouth- yes, as stated above, anything and everything goes into her mouth!

Her stats were:

Height: 27 1/4 inches (74%)
Weight: 18 lbs 13 oz (75%)
Head: 16.97 inches (44%)

She is doing great, everyone commented on how happy and calm she was. She had to get 3 shots, and she didn't make a peep the whole time. I couldn't believe it, she has always cried getting shots before, especially the last one they give which they say stings. I was so proud of my beautiful girl.

Doctor says I can start juice, and I should be feeding her 1-2 times a day (solids) when we are eating.

She has eczema, figured that, I have it pretty bad and so does Mason. She just recently started to get flare ups so I hope hers won't be as bad as mine or Masons.

Note-this picture wasn't taken today, but I love it! It's an Easter outfit sneak peek!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What can I say?

What can I say, I'm not very good at keeping this thing up to date. Basically I like to post pictures but hate having to upload and then downsize them.

I wish I would get on here more often and write about the crazy things Mason says everyday, I always plan too and then never make it happen. I'm watching my kids lives go by so fast and I'm not taking the time to write all the things down that I will someday forget. It's frustrating and sad to me.

I also used to vowel that I would do the 365 photo challenge, where you take at least one photo everyday for a year. That has never happened either.

I have so many more photos of Mason as a baby than I do Kaylee, granted I do take quite a few pictures of her, but I don't pick up my camera everyday like I did for Mason. And speaking of pictures of Mason, he is almost impossible to get any good shots of! His poor albums dwindle in size every year.

I want to be better in all aspects of my life, and it just seems like I fall short in every category. What can I say?

Maybe from now on I should just get on to talk about my day, what I did, what the kids did. Make a habit of writing SOMETHING, even if it's of no consequence. But then I think, who wants to read that rubbish..well, what can I say??

I DO, I WILL, especially when years down the road I can't even remember when they were little.

It's time for me to grow up and start making things happen in my life, instead of waiting for them to just occur!

So some funny things Mason said today: I went to Walgreens to get some pictures printed out and while I was gone Mason woke up and was crying for me. I got home and was talking to my husband and Mason must have heard me because I saw him standing in the doorway grinning.

He informs me "Mommy, I wake up, and I cried because you weren't in the bathroom."
Then when he was using the potty he tells me "Daddy threw up on his jammies and peed in his boots." I can only assume this was a dream!!

When Mason gets in trouble he usually runs over to me and kisses the first part of my body he sees and says "I miss you"..I wonder if he is referring to missing the nice Mommy that doesn't make him sad!!

Wordless Wednesday.


Monday, March 8, 2010


Sami over at Sailor & Company has decided this weeks RAW(e) subject will be crayons! Here are the simple rules:

~post a crayon photo
~unedited (don't touch it or crop it or enhance it AT ALL)
~don't post until you put your picture on your blog
~link to your post not your url so she doesn't have to dig for it
~only post ONE photo!

Have fun!


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Taco night!

Our first taco night. I have no idea why we waited so long to do this, as it took me 15 minutes or less to get it all together and cooked. Yummy. I love tacos.