Thursday, January 21, 2010

Exhausted just thinking about it..

Mason will be turning 3 exactly one month from today.

I have done nothing towards potty training. He does have a few pair of underwear, and a potty of course.

This is something I really need to start working on. I'd love to give myself the goal of having him pee potty trained by his birthday, but I don't want to set limits because I don't want to be disappointed. My goal is to give him nothing but encouragement. I'm thinking maybe to do a sticker chart, Jere and I have decided not to do a reward system because I don't want him thinking he will get something every time he uses the potty, that system just doesn't work for us.

We have 2 major obstacles (major to me) standing in our way. 1.) He has a lifetime issue with difficulty pooping, this is something we will have to work around and be understanding with. That's why I said pee potty trained, because I think pooping will take quite a bit longer. 2.) His massive fear of public restrooms, while he is training we will limit our going out, but we can't stay home forever. I do have an extra potty that will will use in our van, but I'm just not sure how to get him over being scared of a public restroom.

Do you see...I'm just exhausted thinking about it, it's taken me close to a half an hour to type this short post out because I'm dreading this.

I'm going out tomorrow to get some more underwear and those plastic pants to put over them. Monday starts the training, we will take it slow at first, depending on how he is doing and step it up the closer we get to his birthday.

Wish us I'm going to take a nap =)

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  1. I am going to be tackling the potty training in a few weeks with my 2 year old (he won't be 3 till Sept). I have been working on it with him but since we are moving in a week I haven't taken it very seriously. After the move...he WILL get potty trained!!! I also have to take his binky away from him and I am dreading it!!! Good luck with your potty training...I will be right there with you :o)