Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What a week.

I had a whole post typed up about how awful my week has been going, how the kids aren't sleeping, how my husband sucks at helping. Yada yada yada.

This morning I noticed Kaylee had a slight temp of 99.6 and was pulling at her ears. She has been pretty cranky for a few days and not sleeping well, which I chalked up (in the beginning) to the shots she got on Thursday, even though she has never had an adverse reaction before.

The fever and everything else combined reminded me of how she was when she got her first ear infection, so I put a call in to the pediatrician. She was seen today at 3. Poor baby has a viral infection which is affecting her throat. Doctor said it is very red and irritated, and the ears are connected so she needs to be watched for a couple of more days, if the fever persists she needs to be seen again to check her ears, because she might get infections from this.

So here I am all this time, feeling sorry for myself because she has been so irritable and not sleeping well and she has probably been sick this whole time. More than likely she picked up this viral thing on Thursday at her well visit.

Learned my lesson and deleted that pity party post too. I should always listen to my Mommy instincts when she just isn't her usual happy go lucky self.

By the way, it is one beautiful day today, a gorgeous 68, poor Mason wanted to play outside when we got home, but with Kaylee not feeling well I didn't want her to have to be out there when she wants to be in the house relaxing. Hoping tomorrow is a better day and we can spend some time outside!


Hello cutest pajamas ever.


  1. She is a doll!!

    We all have moments like that. Won't be long before she can talk and tell you what is wrong.

  2. I hope Kaylee feels better soon!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog!
    I don't give Brad a vitamin. We used to give him vitamin drops but stopped.
    Maybe I should start that up again.
    He will eat different things it's just that he east so little! I don't know if it's picky or what to call it.
    I guess I'm just worrying too much. :)
    Thanks for the advice!