Friday, March 12, 2010

Busy day!

Just wanted to note here that I laid Kaylee in her crib to sleep last night at around 10:30 pm. She slept there until 3:30 am!! This is a huge jump from the one hour she gave me the night before!

Yes, I am currently crib training her, she has slept with me since day one, but as she gets older it's kind of obvious she isn't very comfortable and we both get overheated, as we are both little toaster ovens at night!

We have a busy day planned even though it's supposed to rain all day. I'm heading out soon to go to the new WalGreens for 9 cent digital prints, I haven't printed pictures out since before Christmas, that's just sad. Then we are heading to the outlets to SHOP!

I love shopping, even with the kids, usually they are well behaved. Concerned today because it's raining and I switched Kaylee over to a convertible car seat because she was outgrowing her infant one, so she won't have much protection from the rain, especially because we got her a new stroller and the sun canopy is a joke. Oh well, hopefully it will be a good day. Kaylee needs new clothes, she has outgrown her 9 month stuff, so on to 12 month..I have a bunch of summer 12 month stuff that I'm afraid won't fit her now, hurry up warm weather so I can see her in some of this stuff!!

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  1. Wow, Kaylee did great last night!!! Congrats :o)

    Have fun shopping today and have a great weekend!