Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What can I say?

What can I say, I'm not very good at keeping this thing up to date. Basically I like to post pictures but hate having to upload and then downsize them.

I wish I would get on here more often and write about the crazy things Mason says everyday, I always plan too and then never make it happen. I'm watching my kids lives go by so fast and I'm not taking the time to write all the things down that I will someday forget. It's frustrating and sad to me.

I also used to vowel that I would do the 365 photo challenge, where you take at least one photo everyday for a year. That has never happened either.

I have so many more photos of Mason as a baby than I do Kaylee, granted I do take quite a few pictures of her, but I don't pick up my camera everyday like I did for Mason. And speaking of pictures of Mason, he is almost impossible to get any good shots of! His poor albums dwindle in size every year.

I want to be better in all aspects of my life, and it just seems like I fall short in every category. What can I say?

Maybe from now on I should just get on to talk about my day, what I did, what the kids did. Make a habit of writing SOMETHING, even if it's of no consequence. But then I think, who wants to read that rubbish..well, what can I say??

I DO, I WILL, especially when years down the road I can't even remember when they were little.

It's time for me to grow up and start making things happen in my life, instead of waiting for them to just occur!

So some funny things Mason said today: I went to Walgreens to get some pictures printed out and while I was gone Mason woke up and was crying for me. I got home and was talking to my husband and Mason must have heard me because I saw him standing in the doorway grinning.

He informs me "Mommy, I wake up, and I cried because you weren't in the bathroom."
Then when he was using the potty he tells me "Daddy threw up on his jammies and peed in his boots." I can only assume this was a dream!!

When Mason gets in trouble he usually runs over to me and kisses the first part of my body he sees and says "I miss you"..I wonder if he is referring to missing the nice Mommy that doesn't make him sad!!

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  1. I too struggle to commit to my blog. I'll be good for weeks...and then disappear for a this past week. Sometimes I just don't have anything to say? Do I want to write about the mundane things I do each day? I should...and not care if people think I'm boring or not.

    "It's time for me to grow up and start making things happen in my life, instead of waiting for them to just occur!" I love this line, and must admit I am guilty of this as well.

    Great post!