Sunday, March 14, 2010

Forgive me.

But this post is probably going to be all over the place! The kids are down for the count..for their nap that is, Mason fell asleep at 7:40 pm and Kaylee had been asleep for about 20 minutes before that, it's now 9:20 and they are both still out.

Talk about going to be a long night for me. This losing an hour of sleep has us all messed up. No point in making either of them up, it would be like a horror show, no thanks! I will just catch up on sleep tomorrow before hubby goes to work.

Kaylee finally calmed down today and has been happier to just hang out and chill, I was able to get most of the clothes packed up and put away, got several loads of laundry done and also cleaned the kitchen up a bit.

I seriously need a hobby that keeps my hands busy, I read quite a bit when I have the time but I can still drink and eat while reading and that's exactly what I do. By 2 this afternoon I had eaten 3 slices of pizza and 3 full size chocolate donuts. Then I had salsa and chips for a snack, and a full size dinner of roast beef, mashed potatoes, corn, broccoli and a roll. I drink tons of tea and soda through out the day, and no water. I've gained all of the weight back I lost from my gall bladder issues.

Why can't I be stronger, walk away from the soda and the donut box? I literally crave those donuts.

Okay on to a whole 'nother post!

We took the kids to the local zoo on Tuesday, it was Kaylee's first time. She is too young to understand but I think she enjoyed herself! And Mason just loved it, don't let the pictures fool you, he seems so serious and brooding sometimes but he is very intellectual and studies everything, and that's where the serious expression comes from!

I plan to take them to two major zoos this summer. Our local zoo is very small and doesn't have any major animals, the biggest things they have are a jaguar and a bear. I want Mason to see giraffes and elephants and lions! Tigers and bears wouldn't be bad either, lol! One is fairly simple to get to, without much driving for me (bonus), we get there via a ferry ride but the other is quite a hectic commute, but it's an excellent zoo, I can't wait!

Time to wrap this up.

Photos to come, Photobucket is being a jerk!

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  1. We are all off track losing the hour too. I hope you were able to get some sleep!

    I love the Zoo and need to take my boys to there. Right now Kobe is in love with tigers and bears and it would be so awesome to take him to see some real ones :o)

    Have a great Monday!