Saturday, March 13, 2010

A fussy day.

For me and Kaylee. It's been a rainy nasty day and every time I looked out the window I could only sigh and wish for the warm sunny days we had through the week.

I did indeed take the kids out (against my better judgement) yesterday to go shopping. It wasn't awful I guess, kind of chilly and just altogether dreary. Kaylee got tons of new clothes, not just for now but also some bigger ones (18 months) for Summer, just in case those 12 month ones we already had end up not fitting.

Today, I've been cleaning out their closet and putting smaller clothes away and trying to hang up her new ones, but Kaylee has been pretty rambunctious. She doesn't want to lay in her crib and play with her toys, she doesn't want to be in her jumper or her bouncy chair. She only wants to sit on the floor and play with toys that aren't hers, (meaning her brothers (obviously) not age appropriate ones.) So I haven't gotten them all put away, she was soaked through this morning so I had to strip my bed and wash the sheets, I've yet to be able to get those back on. I need to wash bottles, I just used her last clean one.

She is currently on her belly on the floor in the cutest little pajama outfit ever made while I type this. Mason has decided in the last few weeks that we just aren't cool enough for him so he hangs out in (what's supposed to be their room) and watches tv, (gasp, yes I let him watch tv) or just plays, reads books, ignores us!

I spent entirely too much money yesterday, and tonight I want to order Pizza Hut but don't want to spend the money! Oh well, I just ordered. LoL!

Why can't Mason wake up happy? Is that normal 3 year old behavior? He fell asleep while playing with his markers, and just recently woke up, I'm in for a long night because it's going to take him forever to fall back to sleep tonight. He seemed okay when he woke up, and then boom, attitude. He is so picky about what he wants, some things I give in to, because they aren't ridiculous, but sometimes I just have to put my foot down. Okay, Kaylee is no longer happy with the floor.

I'll leave you with a picture..she has the cutest little tongue peeking out around her little pudgy finger!


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  1. Sounds like a pretty hectic weekend :o) I´m sorry about the 3 year old attitude! I have 13 year old attitude in my house and I am going insane!!

    Hope your day today is great and I hope you got all the stuff put away that you needed to :o)