Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Why Mommy shouldn't bake.

This is by far the best Christmas since our son was born. This year he is so into the lights, the songs, the music. He loves to see Christmas decorations up and helping us make Christmas crafts.

I got it into my head that he would just love to help Mommy bake some cookies. I should have realized that Mommy can't cook or bake...we have a gas stove and everything I attempt ends up burnt, no matter if I stand over it and never take my eyes off of still burns!

I gathered all of the things we would need to make these (store bought) sugar cookies festive. Sugar sprinkles in red and green? Check! Holiday cookie cutters? Check! We had the perfect rainy day, and Buggy was asleep in her bouncy seat, so it was go time. Bubs was all into it, I would roll out the dough and he would choose the cookie cutter and press it down. That step was easy and even easier was doing the sprinkles, he just loved shaking the jar and watching them come out.

So the time came to place them in the oven, I had two trays of cookies to go in, first mistake, I was too lazy to only do one tray at a time and decided to put one at the bottom. 9 minutes on the timer, we were anticipating that dinger going off. When it buzzed we both ran in to see if they were done, he was at the door to the kitchen (for safety reasons), put my glove on, opened the oven and *dun dun dun*, they weren't done yet! The ones on the bottom were obviously farther along than the top so I switched them and set the timer for 5 more minutes.

Hoped on the computer to look something up really quick, and that's when I saw it, smoke coming from the back of the stove. I hop up run into the kitchen, I was really scared that when I opened the door they would be on fire, luckily they were just black and smoking. I pulled them out, turned on the oven fan, ran around trying to open up windows, but the smoke detectors went off anyway, waking the baby up, and sending my already frazzled nerves into overtime! Bubba seemed unfazed, just looked at me and said "Mommy, smoke detector". LoL, thanks kid.

In the process of opening windows I broke one and it came crashing down on me.

And that's why Mommy shouldn't bake..


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