Sunday, December 20, 2009

Today he played.

Today I took Mason out to play in the snow. He didn't get to stay out long because he doesn't have proper snow boots. Guess from now on we will have to buy some at the end of every winter season for the next year. It's pretty deep so he was complaining that it was "too bumpy" to walk on, but once I kicked some snow away and made a little spot for him to stand in he was pretty happy.

He attempted to make a snowman but unfortunately the snow wasn't very packable today. I laid him down to get a snow angel but he put his hands up to cover his eyes from the sun and got cold snow all over his face! He wasn't very happy about that.

But none the less I got some good shots and he had fun in the process. So I say overall it was a productive morning!




  1. Nicole...I saw your blogfrog thumbnail pic with you and your babe...and I just HAD to come over! Great post...those photos are amazing! How do you get them side by side?

  2. Hi Mama M, what an amazing treat to have you commenting on my little blog!!

    I just use a regular default background choice from blogger, can't remember the exact name but it's something "stretch", that allowed me to have a wider page and get some photos side by side!