Friday, April 16, 2010

Sick, sick & sick (just for emphasis)

I've been sick with some kind of stomach virus for a week now. DH came down with it first and we thought maybe it was just something he ate. His lasted just over 24 hours, after about 12 hours of him having it, I too started feeling sick.

Mine lasted much longer than 24 hours but I think I'm on the mend. So far the kids have been unaffected. I hope it stays that way, it was no fun.

I'm never sure what to blog about. My life seems to be boring and unworthy of written words.

I guess I will start by talking about our house. I'm not sure if I have mentioned it on my blog before but we hope to be moved into our new home by June, August at the latest.

Unfortunately, this home needs a ton of work and we are very short on funds. Currently we are in the process of just cleaning it out. Next is to get in there and rip all the carpet and linoleum out. We are sure that there will be floor boards that need to be replaced so that will happen next. There are mold issues in the house right now, something that must be taken care of before I will move my kids into that house.

There is honestly so much to do, it's quite stressful to me. The things we have to do are going to cost close to a fortune. Luckily windows and doors are able to be used and still seem to be in decent condition..but everything else pretty much has to go.

DH is going tonight to hopefully finish cleaning it out (tomorrow it will be done at the latest) and I plan to go in and take before pictures.


We've been having decent weather around here so we've been outside quite a bit. I have some pictures that I need to size and I will be able to get those up. Mason got a new outside toy, a motorized John Deere Gator. He is obsessed with John Deere and loves his Gator! Also, Mason learned how to pedal a tricycle finally! I thought he would never get the concept, he still isn't all that good at it, needs to strengthen his leg muscles I guess.


Kaylee is currently teething (we think) and started crawling on April 14, 2010! She isn't very good at it yet, but hopefully with a bit more practice she will become a pro. The only thing she is interested in crawling for is her bottles. She is also pulling herself to her knees on lower objects, won't be long before she gets herself to her feet! Let the baby proofing begin!

I need to try to get better video because when she first learned and I was trying to tape her all she wanted to do was get that bottle and she wasn't fast enough so she just cried, it looked like I was torturing her!


It wouldn't let me add a full size video so just click the thumbnail and hopefully that will work, sorry!

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