Sunday, February 7, 2010

Boy steals little girls kitty.


Mama M over at My Little Life is holding a week long blog hop all about you and your one and only, or if you haven't met your one and only yet you can participate by writing about you and your best friend! Be sure to check her story out and read the others who have linked up too!

I'd love to say that DH and I met and fell instantly in love, but that's not how our story goes.

We met in 3rd grade when his family moved here from Baltimore. My Mom and his dad worked together and we had a lot of outside stray cats that were constantly having kittens. I of course fell in love with every kitten and was never prepared to give them away. My favorite cat had recently had kittens and there was one that I just adored, I named her cry baby..she meowed a lot! My Mom told DH's father that they could come out and pick any kitten they wanted from the new litter, I did my best to hide cry baby, I hid her behind a cooler we had in the garage and hid myself behind a trash can in the hopes we would both stay hidden when they came. Needless to say we neither one stayed hidden, as soon as they came into the garage, cry baby, being a nosey little kitten had to investigate, she walked straight out to meet them and started meowing..DH pointed right to her and said, "I want that one". So our first meeting was more like hate at first sight!

After a while it was a big joke between my Mom and his Dad and they teased that one day we would grow up and get married...he even gave me an "engagement ring" in 7th grade I think. A ying yang. I kept it for a long time, but between moving and just growing up it either got lost or thrown away. Now that we are grown up and married I wish I still had that momento.

We were never boyfriend/girlfriend at all through school, not even in grade school..and we lost contact after we graduated..only to meet up again through mutual friends a couple of years later.

It's really funny/weird how things work out!

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