Thursday, February 25, 2010

7 months.

Buggy turned 7 months did that go so fast?


A lot has changed within the last month..Two of those big changes? She is now sitting up and she popped her first tooth through.

Buggy you are such a joyful baby, always have a smile and squeal for the people you love the most! (Mommy, Daddy and big brother!)


Things going on with you this month?

*You can now sit up, although you still tumble quite a bit, you are getting better and better every day.

*You popped your first tooth through Feb. 8th. I didn't notice a change in demeanor at all. And your second isn't too far away.

*Still loving the pacifier.

*Can't get enough of your soft fuzzy blankets.


*Holding your own bottle (only when you want to).

*Growing out of your little bouncy seat.

*Still sleeping with Mommy.

*Has tried all your vegetables, fruits are soon.

*Only like squash and sweet potatoes so far.


*Loves to be naked! Can be fussing non stop but if Mommy strips you for a bath you immediately quiet down.

*Loves to play with your piggys.

*Got your first ear infection and round of antibiotics.

*Had your 2nd ER visit (unrelated to ear infection.)

*Beginning to like tv.

*Loves stuffed animals, they go right to your mouth!

*Wants to play with everything you aren't allowed to, Mommy's cell phone, tv remote, etc! But not really into many toys unless they sing or light up.

*No one makes you laugh as hard as Mason does!



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